what we do…

The main theme of the group’s work is collection and analysis of data from animal populations with a view to increasing understanding of disease and improving control and treatment.

This work involves production animals, wildlife and companion animals.

The group currently works on a number of infectious disease projects in Africa and the middle East, as well as the UK.

One of the main areas of interest is the foot-and-mouth disease epidemiology in endemic countries, with on going work on diagnostic test evaluation, modelling surveillance and evaluation of surveillance activities.

We also manage a large cohort study of cattle diseases in the indigenous cattle in Western Kenya looking at the links between the genotype and disease risk. In addition, there are a number of small projects looking at zoonotic disease seroprevalence in Cameroonian cattle being carried out by veterinary undergraduate summer students.

Other projects include development of diagnostic test systems, evaluating test data and risk modelling of livestock systems