who we are…


Mark Bronsvoort
Group leader and Reader in veterinary epidemiology
Epidemiologist and statistican

Ian Handel
Senior Lecturer in clinical veterinary epidemiology and clinical research fellow.
Statistician and epidemiologist

Adrian Muwonge
Future Leader Fellow (BBSRC)
Molecular epidemiologist

Paul Bessell
Postdoctoral research fellow (EPIC)
Biogeographer and epidemiologist

Thibaud Porphyre
Research fellow (EPIC)

Stella Mazeri
Postdoctoral research fellow (Mission Rabies)

Natascha Meunier
Postdoctoral research fellow (World Veterinary Services)

Rebecca Callaby
Postdoctoral research fellow (Centre Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health)
Epidemiology and Statistics

Erhan Yalcindag
Postdoctoral research fellow (Centre Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health)
Molecular Epidemiology and Diagnostics


Research Students

Kaj Stanksi
Postgraduate Research Student – Improving Bovine Tuberculosis Diagnosis using Machine Learning Approaches

Charlotte Woolly
Postgraduate Research Student – Dogslife

Isobel McLachan
Postgraduate research student – The epidemiology of endemic foot-and-mouth disease in sub-Saharan Africa

Andrew Gibson
Postgraduate research student (Mission Rabies)

Florian Duchatel
Postgraduate research student



Geoffrey Mainda (Zambia)
The epidemiology of antibiotic resistance in E.coli in Zambia (Commonwealth Scholarship)

 Franklyn Nkongho (Laboratory for Infectious Diseases, University of Buea, Cameroon)

Postgraduate research assistant  - Molecular epidemiology of bovine TB Cameroon (CAMBTB)

Amy Jennings

Lecturer in Farm Animal Medicine, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, Easter Bush, EH25 9RG

Former members

Dr. Gustaf Rydevik
Postdoctoral research fellow (EPIC)

Dr Carys Pugh
PDRA Roslin Institute

Dr William de Glanville
PDRA Glasgow University (ZELS)

Dr Annie Cook
PDRA Liverpool University

Dr Rebecca Callaby
APHA, York

Dr Vincenzo Lorusso 
PDRA, France

Cynthia Onzere (ILRI)

Gerardo Acosta-Jamett, MV, MSc, PhD
Instituto de Medicina Preventiva Veterinaria
Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias
Universidad Austral de Chile

Francesca Scolamacchia,
Institute for Animal Health and Science

Jo Halliday,
University of Glasgow

Elena Garade
Postgraduate research student, Edinburgh/Chile

Milton Gad Ochuka
Postgraduate research student, Edinburgh/ILRI

Lian Doble
Postgraduate research student (PAZ project)

Samuel Thumbi
Postgraduate research student (IDEAL project) – submitted PhD

Mamoona Chaudhry – successfully defended 2012
Postgraduate research student studying the molecular epidemiology of avian influenza and risk factors in Pakistan

Former Summer Students

Jennifer White
Summer vacation Scholar

Jonathon Arul
Summer vacation scholar

Ann Mitchell
Summer vacation scholar

Paige Peterson
Summer vacation scholar

Onneile Peiso
EPIC summer vacation scholar

Ann Signorella
Summer vacation scholar IDEAL project

Katie Surguine
Summer vacation scholar IDEAL project